Blazing Saddles Ride Series


Northeast Washington is a hub of world class cycling with endless ride possibilities that will satisfy riders of every skill level. Here is a downloadable pdf Guide:

Bike Guide.pdf

Also look for the 2020 Rotary Northeast Washington Road Cycling Map and Guide.



On a rotating three year basis, here are the Blazing Saddles Rides:

The TOUR d’COLVILLE VALLEY: All riders experience all the incredible scenic beauty that the region has to offer. The 100 milers climb up into “the Basin” on the east flank of the Huckleberry Range and then south, exploring the nooks and crannies of Colville Valley. The 40 and 62 mile riders head around the south half of the Colville Loop to join up with the 100 milers on their return. The 62 and 100 milers then head north through pastoral terrain to Lake Roosevelt and return along the scenic southeast shore of the lake. The 40 milers complete the iconic “Colville Loop”. The inaugural riding of the “Tour d’Colville” took place in 2018 and and is our featured ride this year.

Download the Tour D’Colville Valley descriptions here.

Here are links to downloadable files for the TOUR d’COLVILLE VALLEY RIDES:

The NORTH COLUMBIA RIDE: All riders experience the spectacular beauty along the shore of the northern reaches of Lake Roosevelt. The 100 milers ride both shores of the lake almost to the Canadian border on one of the most spectacular cycling routes in North America. The 68 and 42 mile routes meander through pastoral farms, forests and scenic vistas and return with the 100 milers along the southeast shore of the lake. The “North Columbia” (Flat Creek) route was our first ride in 2013, done again in 2016. The riding of the “North Columbia Ride” will take place again in 2022.

Here are links to downloadable files for the NORTH COLUMBIA RIDES:

The HUCKLEBERRY FERRY RIDE: The 100 and 68 milers challenge themselves with an early morning summit climb over the Huckleberry Range, and then a long decent to the shores of Lake Roosevelt. The 68 milers follow the lake north. The 100 milers travel south to catch a free ferry to the other side of the lake and back to join up with the 68 milers. The 45 milers explore the iconic Colville Loop, showcasing the best of the Colville Valley. The “Huckleberry Ferry” ride was introduced in introduced in 2017 and cancelled last year due to Covid.  We look forward to offering this beautiful and unique ride taking a swing into Canada again soon.

Here are links to downloadable files for the HUCKLEBERRY FERRY RIDES: